Exclusive: Boyfriend is the Gender Neutral Brand to Watch

“Minimal, subliminal and gender invisible”

35-year old Lebanese-Brazilian creative director and stylist Amine Jreissati has decided to add designer to his resume. Having launched Boyfriend—his gender-neutral clothing line six months ago—the idea had been “growing in my head for two years,” he says.




Over the last few months, the region has seen a huge surge in local, innovative and edgy talent pop up, like Faissal El-Malak or Arwa Al Banawi to name a few. Yet, Jreissati believes there is still a gap to fill in terms of basic, comfortable but imaginative clothing.




With his mantra “minimal, subliminal and gender invisible”, the designer is eager to disrupt regional traditions and behaviours, through simplicity and a subtle attention to detail. “I sometimes buy womenswear and see women dressing in men’s clothes. There should be no rules, and I want to encourage people in the Arab world to stop caring about gender in fashion”, he says.




Driven by a strong commitment to principles of equality and progress, Jreissati has an ambition to break the rules and promote emancipation through his brand. “Nowadays there is a global desire to build a more equal and inclusive world. I truly believe in the potential of the cultural and artistic wealth of the region. Through designing clothes, I want to be part of this change”, he says.




His new collection is now exclusively available at 06:05 Concept Store in Beirut

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