A Brief Guide to Bromance

A Rulebook to Love Your Friends Properly

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A Brief Guide to Bromance

There are not many things one can think of that are more important than love. Entertaining a deep mutual bond with a significant other is arguably one of the few things that keep our hearts pumping, especially during harsh times. It comes in all shapes and forms and affects most aspects of our lives. Writers write about it, singers sing about it, all while lucky lovers have the chance to fall under its enchanting spell. 

A relationship adamantly has more than one nuance to it. Tying the knot might be one of them but far from being the only one. Loving, dumping and ex-ing are all terms that can be used to also describe profound friendships, and, as someone that’s experienced both extremities of that spectrum, trust me when I tell you that whether it’s with a romantic partner or friend, the two hurt just as much, although in different ways.

What people refer to as a “bromance”, a conjunction of the term brother and romance, is, in our opinion, a platonic form of love that is usually overlooked but holds just as much importance, to not say more, as the one you’d show the person you get in bed with. It’s a mutual relationship that reeks of pure love. One that is as close, refreshing, open and strong minus the kissing, maybe. It’s the people you hold close to your heart, your tribe, the ones that’ll stick with you no matter what and that know you best. It’s the family you choose to be linked with as well as the living proof that blood isn’t always thicker than water.

And we’re here today to celebrate them, and you. Both individuals involved in this heartwarming relationship that should be normalized, but that is still far from being the norm. So here are five tips to embrace it, make it last and enjoy the brotherly ride.

Tell your boys you love them


It’s no big deal and it’s always much appreciated to know that people actually care about you. It’s the little reminders on a daily basis that make a difference and keep the relationship healthy. Can it be buying them a drink or actually saying those three words, it’ll always be valued. 

It’s guys before lies and pals before gals – never compromise that


This circle of friends, or family, call it whatever you want, should always be prioritized. They’re the people that’ll keep your head high during difficult times. Those that won’t let you go, regardless of what’s going on so give them the time and effort they deserve. It’ll always be a win-win in the long run. 

Don’t shy away from your feelings – the more open you are, the healthier it gets


To draw the best out of your pals entails them knowing the most about you. We’re talking every nook and corner. Don’t shy away from crying or opening up because they’ll be the ones holding your chin up and your crown stable. If you don’t share your feelings with them, who will you share them with? 

Entertain the bond – it’s like a romantic relationship so act as if it really is


Your friendship is a two way route and, like you’d do with a romantic partner, you need to keep the fire alive. Check up on your boys, take them out and make sure they’re doing good. The favor will always be sent back. Facts.

It’s girlfriEND, boyfriEND but no end in brotherhood.


As cheesy as it is, it’s true, your boys are here for the long run. You can argue, have fall outs but no real end to your relationship with them. Hold that high and make sure it doesn’t happen. You can lose a girlfriend, a boyfriend, but no matter the quarrel with your mates and how long the relationship might seem like it’s reached the point of no return, you can always talk your way out of it, so make sure it doesn’t reach that point to begin with. 


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