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The ‘Brotox’ Boom: Why More Men Are Opting for Injectables

Brotox, it’s like Botox, but for men

We’re living in the age of 24/7 documentation, with social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and BeReal having a significant impact on beauty ideals and our subsequent approach to cosmetic surgery. For people in their 20s, there’s no treatment more popular than Botox. Leading aesthetic doctors are reporting a huge increase in requests for Botox (or Botulinum toxin) at their clinics, and it’s not just women who are going under-the-needle. In fact, more men than ever before are embracing cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, with a study from The Aesthetics Society showing the number of non-invasive cosmetic procedures on men increased by 20% during 2018 and 2019. Meanwhile, in the USA, “Brotox” was reported as the most popular aesthetic treatment for men with a 400% increase from 2000. 

Like many women, men are requesting Botox and other minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments in a bid to boost their self-esteem and feel more confident in their skin, but that’s not the only reason why there has been such a huge surge in the number of males walking through medi-clinic doors in recent years.

Celebrated international plastic surgeon, Dr. Maurizio Viel, who is based at Dubai’s Cornerstone Clinic, said that the sudden increase in interest for the injectable is due to techniques for men becoming better. “The stigma was there because men were treated the same as a woman in terms of how [Botox] was done. You need to understand what men want and you need to respect that you need to keep the masculinity of their face,” the doctor explained. 

He added that the principles of Botox when it comes to treating female and male patients are different. Practitioners now are trying to smooth, while still allowing for movement. “When I treat a woman, usually the patient wants higher eyebrows and a smoother forehead. Most of the men I treat don’t want the frozen look. They want to keep some character in their face,” he said. 

Meanwhile, as women start making their first Botox appointment in their 20s, alongside religiously slathering on retinol and sunscreen, in an effort to slow down the aging process, most men wait until they are well into their 30s and 40s before they opt for the minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure.

But if you start getting Botox early enough and it’s done properly, you’re not going to need as much in the future. “If you do [Botox] on a regular basis, the facial muscles become a little bit weaker, slowing down the process in which lines and wrinkles form,” shared the cosmetic expert. 

According to Dr. Viel, the most requested treatment from men are Botox injections on the forehead, between the eyes to treat angry creases due to constant eyebrow furrowing, and crow’s feet, which are deep lines on the sides of the eyes. Aside from Botox, the doctor has seen a surge in men opting for undereye filler as well as liposuction. 

“In my clinic, I always had quite a large number of men over the years because I give very natural results,” shared the doctor. “And of course, the moment that you start treating one male patient, it has a snowball effect. Then that particular patient will talk to his friends and then they start making appointments, so, I saw an increase in number of patients coming,” he said.

Botox is a neuro-toxin derived from a bacteria that causes botulism. The chemical paralyzes or relaxes the muscles around wrinkles, making the skin in the area look more youthful while reducing the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles. The treatment requires little to no downtime afterward, labeling it a “lunchtime procedure.” Most people will notice their final results within two to seven days following their treatment, and these results typically last anywhere from three to six months.

As the stigma surrounding Botox has started to melt away, a number of male celebrities have also been open about using cosmetic treatments to enhance their appearance, with singer Joe Jonas recently getting candid about his decision to use Botox to delay the signs of aging.

It also helps that most dermatologists agree that Botox is a safe and reliable treatment, with almost no reports of serious side effects despite millions of procedures performed each year.

But as any good dermatologist will note: When it comes to getting injectables, it’s important to choose the right practitioner who will be able to advise what is best for you and your face, to achieve a natural, refreshed effect. And if you’re not happy with the results? “It’s not permanent, so don’t worry,” said Dr. Viel. “Because after three, maybe four, months you will go back to looking as you were before.”

Cornerstone Clinic is located at the Grosvenor House Hotel Tower 1, Dubai Marina. To make an appointment, call 971 04 288 7035.

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