Burberry Just Paid a Major Tribute to the Dubai Desert

The British fashion house leaves a mark on the UAE

Burberry’s TB Summer Monogram is without a doubt the collection of the season—and no, it’s not all about Kendall Jenner. For the second instalment of their campaign, the British fashion house took the collection to the next level, bringing it right here to the Middle East.

Shot in the arid Dubai desert, the collection is seen through the eyes of multidisciplinary artist Nathaniel A. Alapide who etched the iconic – and now much larger—Burberry monogram in to the sand.

“If you create something in the desert, it will always cover it up – it has that ephemeral nature to it. The desert is unforgiving. But when you go out into the desert, it is always a collaboration with nature,” Alapide said, in regards to his Burberry-branded sand inscriptions

The fashion house didn’t stop there. The desert shots stand alongside a slew of landscapes from all over the world—a celebration of the label’s decades-long relationship with the outdoors.

As part of the campaign, Burberry-branded sailboats made an appearance in Shenzhen Harbour in China, and four hot air balloons (also showcasing the new colourways of the TB Summer Monogram collection) were unleashed in Inner Mongolia, with the natural landscapes of Wuhai as the backdrop.

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