This is What a Surreal Road Trip With Burberry Looks Like

A new film by Lebanese director Mohamad Abdouni

MILLE teamed up with Burberry and Lebanese director Mohamad Abdouni to capture the essence of a surrealistic road trip from the heart of Dubai’s Satwa neighbourhood to the iconic and futuristic Burj Khalifa.

Featuring a group of young Arab creatives, who were cast for their dynamic spirits, sense of freedom and unabashed sense of individuality, the film celebrates the beating heart of Arab youth culture. The film offers a look inside a new generation of young Arabs who are diverse in every sense of the word, and who live beyond the boundaries of  dreams and reality.

Student and model Tilila Meryem, emerging creative Daddyaaz, influencer Leena Alghouti, and model Ali Latif embark on a trippy journey at dawn, but as the day rolls on, tensions start to arise as they collectively start seeing familiar yet uncanny landscapes…

Directed by: Mohamed Abdouni

Creative Direction: Sofia Guellaty

Director of Photography: Pauline Maroun

Beauty by: Kasia Gajewska

Production: MILLE

Production assistants: Yusra Abulaban, Ayah Halilah, and Sarah El Kays

The cast are wearing the Burberry Monogram Collection.

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