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Burberry’s New ‘Open Space’ Campaign is a Must Watch

An ode to nature

London-based house of Burberry has just revealed a new dazzling campaign under chief creative officer of the label Riccardo Tisci. 

Taking viewers on a spirited journey through the freedom of imagination, the two-minute-long clip reveals an ethos many of us have not had the opportunity to embrace this past handful of months. It’s true, dreaming whilst in lockdown felt quite dull and restricting but Burberry is reminding us how to break boundaries again and go beyond limitations in style through this new line that reeks of revival and youth. 


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‘Freedom allows us to be creative, to dream, to be anything or anyone. Burberry, like me, has had freedom at its heart since the very beginning. This campaign celebrates the fearless spirit of exploration which connects us with one another and the natural world. It’s about pushing boundaries and pursuing endless possibilities – looking to the future and connecting us all.’

Collaborating on the direction of the film with the cult French directors quatuor Megaforce who signed music videos for Rihanna and Kid Kudi amongst others, Riccardo Tisci fiddles with symbolism as well as mother nature’s four elements to delve into the label’s long legacy. Set in a typical British countryside landscape, the short video invites four models to embody the spirit of this new set of prêt-à-porter through a dreamlike lens that brilliantly blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.

Torn and twisted between both realms, new perspectives are explored as the protagonists jump through towering forests and float across lakes as they challenge the obstacles of the natural world.

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