Bvlgari Milan store facade

Bvlgari Commits to Battling Coronavirus with a Major Donation

The Italian luxury house is pushing research forward

Bvlgari Milan store facade

With entire cities in China and Italy under quarantine, the World Health Organization is getting closer to officially declaring a global pandemic due to the spread of coronavirus. Major events are being cancelled across the globe to prevent further sprading—and all focus is being put towards research in a bid to bring it to a halt. 

Enter Bvlgari. The Italian luxury house just made a major donation to the Research Department of the Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital in Rome. The donation has been used to purchase a state-of the-art 3D microscope, which is a fundamental tool for research that will ultimately (and hopefully) lead to the prevention and treatment of the virus. 

“We are honored by the donation of Bvlgari which will allow us to strengthen research on the developments of Covid-19 in such a delicate moment,” – Marta Branca, General Manager of the hospital.  

“We are conscious that the donation is a first small drop in the ocean of research which has to be conducted, but thanks to the wonderful people who are working on it day and night with incredible optimism we are sure that in the weeks to come we will make giant steps to contain and then eradicate Coronavirus, not only from Italy, but from the rest of the world” added Bvlgari CEO Jean- Christophe Babin.

This week, the Italian government declared Covid-19’s spread a national emergency. With the number of confirmed cases rising up to 5,883 on Saturday, and the death toll passing 230, the nation has taken the decision to put the entirety of Italy’s northern region under quarantine. The region makes up almost a quarter of the nation’s population—making Italy’s quarantine the largest outside of China, and perhaps the largest restriction of free movement in a Western democracy.

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