Bvlgari hotel Dubai

Bvlgari Hotels Will Deliver Iftar to Your Door

Ramadan, but different

Bvlgari hotel Dubai

Ramadan is days away, and chances are you’re feeling as unprepared as the rest of us. Thankfully for us (and everyone who lives in Dubai) Bvlgari is here to offer us an elevated Ramadan. 

The resort is switching gears for the holy month, offering a new delivery service that will bring your favourite Iftar eats to your door. The selection of dishes won’t disappoint you—so get ready for a Bvlgari-branded iftar. 

The menu includes 25 different dishes, from traditional Arab delicacies like the slow cooked lamb shoulder and Umm Ali. If you’re into Italian, you’ll also find a selection of classics including eggplant parmigiana and tiramisu.

For those getting into the Ramadan spirit, be sure to send a sweet treat to a friend, straight from the famed Il Cioccolato chocolatier located at the resort. This season, they’ll be delivering artisanal haute couture chocolates, a signature of theirs that’s nicknamed ‘chocolate gems’. You can choose from their miniature melts and a number of unique combinations. 

Ever wondered if gorgonzola and orange peel are a good pairing? According to Il Cioccolato, yes. Fig and balsamic vinegar too. For the traditional amongst us looking for an unsurprising sweet treat, you can opt for the classic date and pistachio pairing.

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