Calvin Klein Taps Middle Eastern Creatives in Latest Campaign

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Skipping the sultriness that once defined Calvin Klein’s denim ads, the new CK campaign for the Middle East that went global on April 3 focuses on a diverse group of youthful creatives whose careers are on the rise. There’s Saudi fashion influencer Hala Abdullah, who has quickly established herself as one of the leading content creators in the region. Then there’s Palestinian-Syrian model and filmmaker Lana Albeik, alongside Mohammed Alahbabi, an Emirati photographer, filmmaker, and visual artist, all photographed by Chinese-British photographer Alexandra Leese.

The trio pose against a sleek and minimalist backdrop, showcasing the American brand’s Calvin Klein Jeans collection. For women, the focus is on youthful, understated silhouettes in a neutral color palette to flatter anyone— knit sweaters that fit like second skin, tight-fitting t-shirt dresses that are equal parts casual and feminine, and versatile split hem trousers. Meanwhile, the men’s offering takes a more laidback approach with branded t-shirts, cozy hoodies, and classic outerwear pieces that exude effortless cool.

Calvin Klein has always been synonymous with provocative fashion, edgy advertising, and a daring approach to style— Think Tom Hintnaus wearing a pair of tight briefs in Santorini by Bruce Weber, or even more recently, for the brand’s Fall 2016 campaign, when Atlanta rapper Young Thug modeled womenswear. This season, with its diverse cast of models and influencers who are empowering future generations, the brand is continuing to push the envelope in a way that only Calvin Klein can.


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