Casablanca Gives Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Watch a Colourful Twist

To impeccably style with Sean Wotherspoon’s Air Max 1/97’s

Working hand in hand with MAD Paris, a French-based group of watch customisers, Charef Tajer, Casablanca’s founder and head designer, gave AP’s iconic Royal Oak model a playful pastel rendition. In a limited series of units per design set to be available from October 14, both brands moved in symbiosis to spin the luxurious timepiece round and leave each of their own creative stamps onto it.

Incredibly reminiscent of our childhoods, the watch boasts an energy and aura that we are not too used to seeing in the high-end industry but that we love to see.

Risky yet stylish in its own way, the toy-looking piece encapsulates most of Casablanca’s inimitable signature aesthetic through a minimalist and colourful well-thought-out design. 

 “The contradiction of designing a luxury item for adults which has design elements inspired by the childhood innocence and intrigue that we all have experienced,” said Tajer in a statement.

For sale through MAD and Brown’s own online portal, we cannot wait to see which one of our favourite celebrities will manage to put their hands on the much sought-after and exclusive accessory.

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