Casablanca Bvlgari

Casablanca Brand and Bvlgari Join Forces for a Major Collaboration

From Morocco to the world

Casablanca Bvlgari

Nothing says resort-wear more than Casablanca. And nothing says elegance quite like Bvlgari. The point in common between the two labels? A seven-piece collection that is set to be released soon. Yes, a Casablanca and Bvlgari collaboration is underway.

Divided into two launches, one on April 20 and the second on May 2, the two fashion houses laid some of their signature features and styles onto a handful of sunset-chic structured bags. 

The earliest drop, titled Après Tennis, will see the Paris-born designer, Charef Tajer, tacitly take the lead and spearhead the conception of the first set. As you can probably expect, the bags draw obvious influences from the above-mentioned sport and are also ambassadors of Casablanca’s usual Mediterranean aesthetic. 

“The bags are inspired by tennis grates and tennis rackets,” Tajer said in an interview. “We imagined women going from the tennis court to her next meeting, and then she can wear the same bag for night. It’s all still super chic and elegant.”

Two weeks later, it’s turn for Mosaic Story to make its way to retailers. This time, the bags echo the heart of Bvlgari, as they are soaked in references to Rome’s several awe-inducing landmarks. The boot-shaped country’s capital also happens to be the birthplace of the brand.

With their first major collaboration with an industry-acclaimed luxury label, Tajer’s crew are stamping a stable presence in the world of fashion. On joining forces with Bvlgari, Charef said they have “(..) always been an inspiration for [him] because [he] feels like they manage to use ancient codes but keep them quite modern. This is how [he] love to exercise [his] own work—breaking the codes and doing a [bridge] between the now and the past.”

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