Casablanca Womenswear CAMPAIGN

Casablanca Launches an Ultra-Chic Womenswear Line

Think Slim Aarons, but Moroccan

Casablanca Womenswear CAMPAIGN

Since launching in 2018, Casablanca has gone from strength to strength. The brainchild of French-Moroccan Pigalle affiliate Charaf Tajer, Casablanca was built with relaxed luxury in mind. 

Coining what Tajer refers to as an “après tennis” look, Casablanca has been best-known for pastel coloured terrycloth tracksuits, Dalmatian print trousers and silk shirting – and now the latest string to their bow: womenswear.

Following an announcement made on the brand’s Instagram a few days ago, Tajer revealed the first pieces from his debut womenswear collection, which are comprised of pastel coloured tailoring, loose silk shirting, polo shirts and high waisted pants – and basically any and everything you can imagine seeing in a Slim Aarons shoot set in 1960s Casablanca.

The campaign images, which were shot by Remi Ferrante in southern Italy, evoke a certain romanticism of dressing that feels a world away with many countries still under strict lockdown, but it’s enough of a fantasy that pretty much anyone could be swayed to wear some pearls, a preppy headband and a polo after seeing them.

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