Arnold Schwarzenegger with his donkey pony, and dog

This is How Celebrities Are Coping With Coronavirus

TikTok dances, cringey songs and…. donkeys

Arnold Schwarzenegger with his donkey pony, and dog

As coronavirus continues to spread around the entire world, no one is spared from the pandemic— even politicians and Hollywood celebrities have either tested positive or have been forced into quarantine.

So to protect others, and ourselves, most of us are now staying home and self-isolating. Some are learning how to cook, turning into yoga instructors or working on their art, while others are simply catching up on their Netflix.

But how are celebrities facing coronavirus? 

Whether they’re dancing on TikTok, hanging with donkeys, raising awareness and connecting with their fans or going crazy—they’re adopting a variety of different coping mechanisms. 

We round up the best (and worst) celebrity reactions to coronavirus:

Arnold Schwarzenegger chills with his donkey and pony

Chilling with Whiskey the pony and Lulu the donkey while mindfully asking us to stay home. “We don’t go out, we don’t go to restaurants, we don’t do anything like that anymore”, he said while hugging his furry friends.

Normani dances on TikTok with her Grandma 

@normani♬ CoinciDANCE – Coincidance

Normani’s first-ever TikTok video features her grandma, who’s had an important role in her life growing up. This is the cutest TikTok content you’ll watch today.

JoJo’s Pandemic-Themed Song

The hit-maker rewrote the lyrics to her 2004 song “Leave (Get Out)” in a bid to help raising public awareness. It’s simple, “Do it for humanity”.

Gal Gadot Feeling “Philosophical”

Who else is cringing?

Matthew McConaughey asks us to turn the red light into a green light

“That green light is going to be build upon the values that we can enact right now: fairness, kindness, accountability, resilience, respect, courage.”

Vanessa Hudgens inconsiderately loses it

In an Instagram Live on March 16, the singer/actress said “like yeah, people are gonna die. Which is terrible, but like, inevitable”. Sorry, what?!

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