Chanel Donates $700,000 to Local Lebanese Charities

The French luxury fashion house steps up

With a longstanding history with Lebanon, French fashion house Chanel just stepped up in solidarity with the crippled nation.

In a statement, the label announced that it has allocated $700,000 in donations to support four organizations on the ground. “The catastrophic explosion in Beirut sent Lebanon, a country already impacted by political unrest, economic instability and the current Covid-19 crisis, into further distress and suffering,” read the statement. 

“Chanel has a local presence and valued long-standing partners in Lebanon, some of whom are deeply impacted,” it continued. The fashion house split a total of $700,000 between four non-governmental organizations. The Lebanese Red Cross, Amel Association, ACTED, and UNICEF will receive $200,000 from the brand to support their efforts.

Amel Association, a non-sectarian, non-governmental organization that caters to the needs of Lebanon’s most disadvantaged in emergency situations, will receive $100,000.

Chanel is the first major fashion house to donate aid to Lebanon. However, this week saw some of fashion’s biggest figures step up and raise funds for the Middle Eastern nation, among them Bella Hadid.

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