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Chanel Hire Their First Diversity and Inclusion Officer

A big win for POC models

Chanel Cruise 20

Following in the footsteps of Gucci and Burberry, Chanel hire their first diversity and inclusion officer. This role is set to enable a more inclusive association with the brand and give platform, visibility and representation to POC collaborators. In their 2018 Report to Society, Chanel prioritised enhancing inclusion and diversity as “an ongoing opportunity”, although what this entails is yet to be expanded.

Chanel’s chosen face of diversity is Fiona Pargeter, who previously held the same position at a Swiss bank. 


Regardless of what we hope will be Pargeter’s success, the fashion industry has been changing face, re-evaluating its visibility of POC representatives. This was most prominently seen at Prada in February, when the Italian fashion house launched a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, aiming to “amplify voices of colour within the industry”.

Pargeter will be watched closely, as increased interest is circulating around the brand due to Karl Lagerfeld’s recent passing, and the appointment of his successor Virginie Viard. As Viard forges her own creative path for Chanel, at MILLE we hope Pargeter also takes a creative and inclusive approach to the future of the iconic brand.

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