Chez Nous, The North African Label Keeping True to its Identity

Ethically responsible and socially aware, don’t miss out on this one

No matter the industry, North Africans are killing the game. And it’s fashion that they’re targeting now.Enter: Chez Nous.   

From relative high-end pieces to more casual wear garments and accessories, Tunisian-French label Chez Nous’ is more than just your average label, aiming at spotlighting ethnic and religious minorities through textiles—segments of society that have been marginalised for far too long. 

“It’s about recognizing diversity in every shape and form, proposing an offer adapted to each and every one and abandoning the global approach that prevails in the industry,” explains Camélia Barbachi, founder of the brand.

Photo Courtesy of Chez Nous

Celebrating the beauty of multiculturalism through sustainable and ethically-made items of clothing, the Tunisian rooted brand is an ode to what it is to be from here and there whilst probing the polysemic nature of identity and belonging. 

Referring to the connoted meaning of the association of the two words, Chez Nous is part of a common saying that can be heard all across the streets of Tunisia. In fact, “Chez-nous là bas” is more than just a saying. The phrase, meaning “It’s home, there” in English is also a title that can be granted to Tunisians issued from the diaspora, meaning home is where the heart is not just where you physically are, may it be your home or adopted country. 

Photo Courtesy of Chez Nous

“As a woman of immigrant descent, with North African roots, I could never really identify with the people spotlighted by the fashion industry. This is why I decided to found Chez Nous almost a year ago. Chez Nous represents my desire to offer an inclusive project that values the beauty of multiculturalism through ethically made garments,” she also added. 

The brand, well aware of its duality as well as the heavy responsibility it wants to carry, is inherently torn between two countries. For that reason, Chez Nous manufactures its pieces in both Lille, France and Djerba, Tunisia working hand in hand with zero-waste and professional integration workshops which gives the label a socially aware and woke aura that too few can claim to have. 

Photo Courtesy of Chez Nous

Set to release their first collection on October 5, Camelia Barbachi’s vision for her latest endeavour trespasses most boundaries one could delineate for a fashion brand. Celebrating identity whilst making sure that ethical representation is at the forefront of the company’s motto and doings, Chez Nous’ elegant, suave and classy silhouettes are surely ones you’d want to put your hands on before they sell out. 

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