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Claudette The Brand

Claudette the Brand’s Latest Collection Will Spark Joy on Your Darkest Days

Better days are yet to come

Claudette The Brand

Over the past year, we’ve been living through a roller coaster of emotions, and it hasn’t been easy. Moodiness is now universal and mental health has never been more fragile. That’s why Claudette the Brand’s latest collection, entitled ‘Better Days to Come’, might just be the perfect antidote to your down days.

“I just wanted to be transparent in my design process and portray that all our emotions as humans are valid. My goal was to extend feelings of hope and remind everyone that this too shall pass,” says Layan Al Dabbous, co-founder of the brand.

After pursuing her studies in business, media and communication, the Kuwaiti creative decided to switch paths and launch Claudette alongside her sister Haya in 2018. 

Under the creative direction of Lebanese and Milan-based creative Ali Kiblawi, the pieces symbolically shift from bright green and rainbow to charcoal and black to mirror how our moods change rapidly. Comfy tracksuits are adorned with happy and sad emojis, clouds, sun and palm tree prints and of course the brand’s signature logo featuring their cartoonish character Claudette.

“Claudette was created to represent everyone’s friends, I want people to look at the character and interpret it in any way they see fit. Overall, she stands for someone who’s there for you without judgment,” Al Dabbous adds.

The character symbolises the mindset of support and community that Claudette is built upon, which Al Dabbous sees pivotal for young Arabs to deal with their mental health issues. In a region where mental health is perceived as a taboo, communication and opening up play a huge role in the healing process.

“A lot of the times in the past our communities have favored keeping one’s emotions to themselves and being more reserved but I believe times are changing,” she explains.

“I think there is no better time than now to begin to speak and communicate how we are feeling to each other and access these communities of love and support to help us understand ourselves better and grow.”


Photography:  Connor Cunningham
Art Direction: Ali Kiblawi
Graphic Design: Mohammed Alkehailan

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