climate crisis clear fashion sustainable

Clear Fashion Will Help You Shop More Sustainably

Making a difference is just a download away

climate crisis clear fashion sustainable

The battle between style and ethics is a constant one. Sustainability has become the most pressing issue in fashion, with many of us looking for ways to embrace a more environmentally friendly lifestyle without compromising on our sartorial choices. Clear Fashion is the new app on a mission to simplify things. It’s aim?  To expose how brands like Zara, Nike and Maje produce their clothing and rate them.

Brands are given ratings based on how they treat people, health, animals and the planet, and then given a grade from 0 to 100 accompanied by a colour code. Founded by Rym Trabelsi and Marguerite Dorangeon last month, Clear Fashion is quite simply making sustainable shopping easier. 

Data is sometimes incomplete though, because some brands (like Diesel or Chanel for instance) that are still too opaque. But as many are committing to becoming more open and accountable, Clear Fashion could help engage much-needed conversations between brands and customers.

This can only become entirely successful if brands agree to move towards full transparency by disclosing their practices. According to the latest transparency report published by the campaign group Fashion Revolution, for the first time since the inception of the Fashion Transparency Index, brands such as Adidas and Rebook have scored more than 60 per cent in 2019.

H&M also recently became the first fast fashion retailer to list the names of suppliers and factories, with another 32 of the world’s most biggest companies (representing more than 150 fashion brands) having joined the Fashion Pact, in an effort to reduce the industry’s negative impact on climate and biodiversity.

It’s great to see the industry finally caring for the planet. But we all have our part to play. And change is only one click away.

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