You Can Now Visit Coachella From Your Sofa



Coachella might be cancelled, but it isn’t completely over. This year will mark the year a pandemic took over the world – and also Coachella’s 20th anniversary. Although it’s decidedly more lighthearted, the festival’s anniversary means a new feature-length documentary has dropped. 

“Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert” has just been released on YouTube. We might be missing out on a hotly-anticipated performance by Frank Ocean and Travis Scott now that this year’s festival is cancelled, but the documentary features footage from the music industry’s biggest names. 

With never-seen-before footage, interviews and performances from Kanye West, Bjork, Travis Scott, Billie Eilish, Radiohead, and Madonna to name a few – the documentary even features the legendary Tupac hologram that made headlines in 2012 as well. 

In an announcement, Coachella said the film “opens up the vault for the very first time to present the legendary performances and behind-the-scenes stories that shaped the seminal music festival.”

The film opens with none other than Billie Eilish saying “Everybody knows what Coachella is, even if you don’t care about music, you know” – a statement that’s difficult to argue with. If you’ve ever been curious about how it first got started and how it came to be, you’ll be able to stream the YouTube Original documentary starting April 10.

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