5 Cool Places You Need to Visit in Riyadh

If you want to hang out with the cool crowd

Ask anyone in Saudi, the cultural shift is real and it’s happening mostly in Riyadh. When Jeddah was historically the city where artists and creatives flocked to, the Saudi capital is now providing increasingly more opportunities for young ambitious artists.

If you are visiting and looking forward to hanging out with the right Saudi crowd, here are the top 5 cool places where you can have a taste of what’s going on and how exciting things are shaping to be. 

JAX District

Jax District, Riyadh

JAX is one of Riyadh’s top tourist attractions, and is set to become the leading arts district in the Kingdom and a point of reference for the whole region. The industrial zone of Ad-Diriyah in Riyadh is already a playground for graffiti artists, studios, and media companies. Hang out there and you will get to meet the heart and soul of Saudi’s new generation of creatives and keep an eye on this space as many events will be taking place there as it grows bigger and bigger.



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This super cool concept store is one of the first in the Kingdom. Spanning three floors, it offers everything you’re looking for. Whether you’re shopping for a new fit, looking to grab a bite to eat or looking for a new local art piece to hang up your wall, Personage is where it’s at. 



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Huna was first founded in 2018 in Dubai as an incubator for F&B rising talents, it now has expanded to Riyadh and includes a co-working space, test kitchen, and cafe. We love their mission to nurture homegrown food and beverage talents, as well as artists from all fields. Pick up one of the books in the library and have excellent conversations with the crowd of creatives present there to create together.


AlMashtal, Riyadh

Set in the heart of Riyadh’s international hub in the Diplomatic Quarter, AlMashtal is a freshly inaugurated creative space, launched by contemporary design graduate Noura Al Saud and brand designer and creative director Ala’a Ghanimah, to help nurture the kingdom’s rising talents and diversify activities in Riyadh. The project acts as a safe haven for artists, creatives and art enthusiasts to connect with like-minded people, collaborate and make room for creativity. 

Souk Al Zal

Souk Al-Zal, Riyadh

Looking for vintage art, furniture, and craftsmanship? This is Riyadh at its most authentic. The souk is definitely one of the top tourist places to visit in Riyadh. It is reminiscent of the old Arab world with bustling narrow streets, and colorful displays. The oldest and biggest market in Riyadh will offer a proper hang out to refuel and get inspired. 


Illustration: Souk Al Zal captured by Mahra Almehairi

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