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10 Things to Do if You’re Really Really Bored Right Now

… Not including watching Netflix

With nation-wide lockdowns taking place all over the world, chances are you’re spending a lot more time at home.

The first few days can be pretty nice and productive, but there’s only so many times you can organise your home, and it’s only a matter of time before you’ve already watched Netflix’s entire catalogue. 

Staying in confinement means boredom is inevitable, but there’s a lot you can do to counteract it. These are 10 things you can do right now if you’re really really bored. 

Join a zoom party but don’t stay for the whole thing
The last man on zoom is the same as the last person in the club when the lights come on

Marie Kondo your whole house
Figure out what really brings you joy and donate what doesn’t.

Take a bath
Use those bath products someone bought you 10 years ago that are gathering dust in the back of your bathroom cabinet.

Don’t just watch oddly-satisfying slime videos, make it yourself
If watching slime videos relaxes you, wait until you actually play with slime yourself. The internet is littered with instructions on how to make them at home. 

Start a WhatsApp book club with your friends
And talk about everything except what you’re reading. 

Join TikTok and actually make one
Don’t be just another millennial creep fascinated by all the choreographed dances.

Turn off Netflix and binge on Reddit’s weirdest threads
This one will have you in a rabbit hole for hours.

Buy your elderly neighbour groceries
Not as fun as the above, but consider it your good deed of the day. 

Start a rumour in your friend group for drama’s sake
We’re kidding. Don’t do this. Tell your friends what you love about them instead. 

Take a nap
Seriously, there’s nothing like a post-lunch nap to pass the time.

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