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10 Ways Coronavirus Will Affect Your Summer Plans

Get ready for a generation-defining summer

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the globe for almost five months now (yes, it has been that long). And let’s be honest, lockdown has been pretty agonising for most us. With case numbers in the region slowing down over the past two months, and governments and health officials gaining a better grip on containing the novel virus, restrictions are starting to loosen up.

But that doesn’t mean that safety measures aren’t still top priority. Although case numbers have slowed down overall across in the GCC, we’re still witnessing occasional spikes in places like Saudi Arabia and Oman. In the Middle East, Jordan now counts just over 1,100 cases while Lebanon’s have remained pretty low with 1,788 so far in totalIn North Africa, Morocco and Algeria are still under states of emergency. Egypt is currently reaching peak numbers of coronavirus cases with 1,774 in one day whilst Tunisia has eased restrictions and has opened borders to tourists.

Wherever you are, adhering to social distancing measures is a must. Which means this year’s summer will be different in innumerable ways. Wondering how your summer holidays will be with coronavirus still around? This is how.

You can’t visit your friends in other countries, and some may not be able to visit you.

Random hook-ups are a lot more dangerous.

You’ll meet less new people.

Pool parties are discouraged. They’re hotbeds for the spread of germs.

Coachella, as well as most music festivals, are cancelled.

There will be few or no family visits during Eid AlAdha.

Mask tan-lines will definitely be a thing

With hotels and clubs closing due to a lack of tourists, you’ll have to find new hangout spots.

With less tourists, you’ll enjoy far-emptier beaches than usual though.

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