These Supplements Will Boost Your Immune System


No, supplements can’t completely help you fight the coronavirus. Since news about the virus broke, you’ve probably been searching for ways to boost your immune system, but in fact, a Harvard Medical School professor debunked the theory that vitamins and other supplements can help you ward off viruses if you’re already perfectly healthy. 

But it has been proven that they can boost the immune systems and fight certain health problems of those who are not healthy—making them a must for anyone who is already feeling under the weather at the moment.  

As health officials warn, supplements are not a replacement for consistent hand washing, a healthy diet, adequate sleep, maintaining stress levels, and of course—vaccines—a combination of all six is the ultimate way to build a strong immune system. However, vitamins and supplements can help fill in certain gaps if you’re deficient. 

If so, these are the supplements to buy. 

Vitamin C
The vitamin has long been known as the ultimate immune booster. According to a 2013 study, it’s been proven to reduce the duration of illnesses by 8 per cent in adults and 14 per cent in children. 

Vitamin B6
The vitamin is typically found in foods like chicken, salmon and tuna, as well as green vegetables and chickpeas. So if your diet doesn’t typically include any of the above, you might want to incorporate the supplement into your daily diet. 

Vitamin D
We typically get this vitamin from the sun, which can be lacking during this time of year—and particularly so if you find yourself quarantined in your home.

Much like Vitamin C, zinc has been shown to reduce the duration of illnesses—and according to this report, zinc deficiency is quite common in today’s world.

Photo by Pina Messina

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