5 Credible Palestinian Charities to Donate to Today

How to make a real impact

In the past week alone, Israeli strikes on Gaza have resulted in almost 200 deaths, leaving over 1,000 Palestinians injured. Homes and buildings have been destroyed, including media towers that housed Al Jazeera and AP agency block bases. 

At the Al Aqsa Mosque, hundreds were injured in the last days of Ramadan due to teargas, rubber bullets and stun grenades attacks. And families in Sheikh Jarrah have been forcibly expelled from their homes to the streets.

With no bomb shelters and no military protection, Palestinians are in dire need for medical and humanitarian support. But before you’re too quick to make a donation, it’s important to know that many fake funds have been created in the process. 

If you’re looking to make a credible donation, we’ve rounded up five Palestinian charities to support. 

Medical Aid for Palestinians

MAP’s Emergency Appeal provides medical supplies desperately needed by Palestinian hospitals and emergency services in both Gaza and East Jerusalem. You can donate here.

iF Charity

Acting across the Gaza strip, iF Charity provides food and medical help directly to Palestinians. You can donate to their Gaza Emergency fund here.

Palestine Child Relief Fund

PCRF has dedicated 100 percent of donations to its Urgent Gaza Relief for providing medical and humanitarian aid to injured and sick children in the Gaza Strip. You can contribute here.

United Palestinian Appeal

The UPA aims to provide medical aid, psychological services, food, hygiene kits and more to Palestinians. Donate to their ‘The Ongoing Nakba Emergency Response’ here.


Interpal has started an emergency appeal in the light of the current military attacks in Gaza and East Jerusalem. Find out more here.

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