Is Cyber Fashion the Future of Sustainability?

Tribute Brand has the answer


It’s no secret: Gen Z is the most eco-conscious generation yet. And they’re today’s focus consumer, so it was only a matter of time before sustainability moved from an ethical goal to a marketing tool. 

Between greenwashing and ‘sustainable’ collections from fast fashion brands, it’s impossible to say that fashion industry is actually making progress. With production, deliveries, and packaging in the equation, even today’s most environmentally-friendly brands leave a significant carbon footprint. 

Enter Tribute Brand: a clothing label that doesn’t actually sell clothing. Bear with us, this could be fashion’s answer to a sustainable future.  

You can’t touch it, there’s no physical production, nor deliveries with Tribute. I know, it seems puzzling. But it’s actually not that complicated. 

Here’s how it works: 

Tribute’s team, who come from backgrounds in fashion, CGI 3D modeling, UX design and coding, develop digital items that are available without restrictions for gender, sex or size. Once you add the chosen pieces to your cart, you have to upload an image of yourself which the brand will use to digitally fit the item on your frame. You can also order a custom piece to your liking.


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The brand’s move is timely, as we live an era of the power of internet personas and profiles. After all, social media is today’s ultimate form of expression. It’s how we are channeling our identity, and posting their favourite outfits is a priority for many. 

How many people do you know have worn a fit only once? Or better yet, bought an outfit just for the IG photo op? It’s wasteful, but chances are, you know someone whose done it. Perhaps it was you who has. 

Contactless fashion might be the key. It’s the best of both worlds: you can help fight climate change whilst still sporting your best looks on IG. A fair bargain.

And don’t worry, with Tribute, your options are top tier. We’re not talking regular jeans and t-shirts. If we could describe Tribute Brand’s aesthetic, it’d be a marriage between avant-garde couture and sci-fi futuristic gear. 

Their collections include everything from a platinum princess gown with a giant bow tie in the back and an alien-green puffer jacket to a dominatrix translucent coat. 

If you want to dive into this dystopian wardrobe, we’ve rounded up the coolest pieces to try out:


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