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The Decentralized Apps Countering Social Media’s Shadow Ban

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Smartphone apps

Social media’s recent shadow ban on Palestinian content is alarmingly working against the voices raising awareness about on the ongoing violent events. Despite Instagram, Facebook and Twitter’s claims that such censorship is merely a bug or accident, the issue persists and users aren’t convinced. 

To counter these practices, alternative web masters have created next-generation apps and platforms that are decentralized, censorship-safe and filterless. Here, we’ve rounded up our favourites.

DuckDuckGo instead of Google

The search engine protects your privacy and prevents personalized search results that filter out information. DuckDuckGo shows all users the same search results regardless of their search history.

Akasha instead of Instagram and Facebook

Tired of social media’s shadow banning? Akasha is the future. It’s a social media network that is immune to censorship by design.

BitTube instead of YouTube

The perfect social network for content creators and streamers who are looking for freedom of speech, fairness and unrestricted monetization. instead of Twitter

A Twitter-like blogging platform with no ads and no tracking.

Qwant instead of Google

Qwant is a neutral and impartial search engine that doesn’t have user trackers or personalized search results.

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