demi lovato Egyptian artefacts

Demi Lovato and the Case of Fake Egyptian Artifacts

They just got conned

demi lovato Egyptian artefacts

American singer and actress Demi Lovato recently took to the internet to flaunt her new Egyptian artifacts. Well, as it turns out, Lovato has been conned. According to Erin L Thompson, an art crime specialist from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC, the pieces are “extremely bad fake Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern antiquities.” 

The Camp Rock star posted a series of stories on their Instagram proudly presenting their latest purchases which include some historical pieces that allegedly date back to 2,000 BC. The 29-year-old entertainer was eventually questioned by many online, including experts, about the true origins and accurate legitimacy of the shown relics. 

Through a thread, Thompson shared screenshots while cynically commenting on reposts of Demi’s Instagram stories. The associate professor highlighted some interesting cues about the pieces shown, which also encompassed the frightening fact that we’d seriously “better hope they’re fakes – genuine tablets like this have frequently been looted from Iraq, including to support insurgent groups like ISIS”. 

Often trending for the wrong reasons, Lovato is once again under the main stage’s dimmed spotlight only months after being slammed for a rant against a local frozen yoghurt shop back in May of 2021. It seems that the singer may have just found themselves on another slippery slope. 

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