10 Dennis Rodman ‘Fits We Can All Learn From

A new Netflix documentary has put the light on the NBA star

Few 90s fashion icons were as polarising as Dennis Rodman. The basketball player is synonymous with pushing the stylistic boundaries, which has earned himself the proud title of the sports world’s ultimate non-conformist. 

Long before highlighter yellow hair and leopard print blouses were an e-boy staple, Rodman went against the grain and became known for his technicolour wardrobe and bold style choices. In his heyday, the five-time champion was crowned the NBA’s weirdo mascot. Today, he’s seen as visionary. 

Rodman has unquestionably paved the way for all of the gender-fluid looks that have been made popular today on Tiktok and Instagram. Thanks to a new Netflix documentary entitled ‘The Last Dance’ (which chronicles Michael Jordan’s career and has given us a new meme in the process) he’s finally getting the respect he deserves. 

To celebrate his newfound icon status, these are Dennis Rodman’s best outfits.

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