Desert X is Travelling Back to Al Ula

The international art expo is finally returning

Now in its second edition, Desert X will be settling back into the ancient desert region of Al Ula once again, after a two-year break owing to the pandemic. 

This year, things are a little different. The art event, which places contemporary works by Saudi and international artists at the centre of the gathering, will be put under the theme of ‘Sarab’ exploring the ideas of mirage and oasis.

Running from this February 11 to March 30, Desert X will be working in collaboration with the Royal Commission for Al Ula (RCU) and will take place in a different location than where it was initially held for its inaugural launch back in 2020. This time, the art space will ground itself in a larger valley that will invite visitors to discover spectacular landscapes while they venture between various vibrant works. 

“AlUla has always been at the crossroads of trade and culture (..) Its landscape and history have drawn, and continue to draw, people from across the globe.” commented Neville Wakefield, artistic director of Desert X Coachella in California. 

On a meteoric rise for the past couple of months, KSA is about to host another major global event that will surely reinforce the Gulf country’s status as one of the cultural capitals of the region.  We’re keeping our eyes on it. 

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