5 Destinations in the Middle East to Plan Your Next Escape

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We’re almost six months into 2022 and it seems like we could all do with a halftime break.  Eid celebrations managed to give a little taste of what the sunny summer will be like so it’s time to start scheduling a proper holiday. 

This year we’re switching things up, and instead of looking outward—we’re looking within the region for dreamy escapes. Whether you’re looking to explore new sites and enjoy dazzling views on a city break or put your feet up and tan on a pristine beach, there’s something here for everyone. It might seem a little early apparently, the early bird really does get the worm—so we’re making sure to not miss out on any pool time this year. 

Here are the five best destinations in the Middle East to plan your next escape. 

  1. Dahab, Egypt 

Dahab Egypt destination

Nestled on the Red Sea’s gleaming coast, Dahab, a small town close to the world-famous Sharm El Sheikh, is the ideal hub for those looking to put everything on pause, take a deep breath and invite a zen attitude back into your life. With a number of restaurants that will take your pallet on a tour and enough water sports centres to burn the calories brought in at lunch away, the golden city of Dahab is the perfect spot to fill up on some much needed calm, peace and tranquillity. All those that have been can testify, going to Dahab is never a bad idea. 

  1. Tangiers, Morocco

Tangiers, Morocco

Located at top of the Moroccan Kingdom’s horns, Tangiers is the literal epitome of what Mediterranean culture can do best. Streets are perfumed in grilled seafood smell, charcoal and citrusy aromas; a scent that is almost part of the city’s identity. At the crossroad of cultures with the south of Spain being a handful of minutes away from the Moroccan side of the coast, real treasures can be found when walking around the city, and that’s starting from the gorgeous Villa Mabrouka: Yves Saint Laurent’s former home. 

  1. Amman, Jordan

amman summer destination

It’s true, Jordan might not be at the top of everyone’s must-visit list, but trust us, it really should be considering the love affair tourists entertain with the steep hilly city. Although relatively pricey compared to other destinations in the Arab World, Amman basically is a city-wide museum and historian’s paradise. Coming across age-old relics and Roman-dated vestiges is anything but rare and in fact common. Only hours away from one of the ancient world’s wonders, a day trip to Petra is an absolute must while having shisha on a rooftop giving over the city is just as much too. Many have been to Amman and only very few have come back disappointed, it’s to tell you how adamant we are on this one. 

  1. Tabouk Region, KSA

Tabuk saudi arabia

You might want to keep this corner of paradise to yourself as not many people know about these ends. This little coastal community is home to some sun-kissed sandy beaches and serves as the entry point to what people refer to as the “Maldives of Saudi Arabia,” a series of islands stretching north to Al Wajh. Giving onto the Red Sea, Tabouk is the perfect hotspot to get sundecks out, get off the grid and daze in and out of sleep with some fresh juice. Don’t overthink it, get booking. 

  1. Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis tunisia destination

Nestled at the top of the African continent, Tunisia is perhaps one of the region’s most underrated locations. Whether you’re looking to book a beach escape on the Mediterranean coast, get your culture-fix through ancient Roman ruins, or party your summer away—the city has everything to offer. 


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