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10 Dior Books You Should Read While Self-Isolating

Everything you ever wanted to know about Dior

Dior books

Books not only give us the power of escape, they can also lift us up during the darkest times. In a bid to bring joy and light into our quarantines, Dior has released a selection of 10 extraordinary books to “take us on a timeless journey celebrating the magic of couture.”

If you’ve been in quarantine for a few weeks already, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by all the terrible things happening across the world. So it might be time to turn off the news and pick up a book that will make you feel good.

Dior By DiorDior Designer of Dreams
Dior By Dior (Christian Dior’s autobiography) to Dior Designer of Dreams (the book documenting the unique V&A Dior exhibition), Dior/Lindbergh (the book spotlighting the Dior photographs of cult photographer David Lindbergh in New York) and The Dior Sessions (compiling celebrity portraits wearing Kim Jones’ Dior menswear shot by Nikolai von Bismark) to name but a few, there’s plenty of inspiration to stockpile.

The days are long when we’re stuck at home, but now we can at least get a bit lost in the glamorous world of Dior. Offering a rare glimpse inside the French house, these stunning books will take you far away from your bedroom without having to leave it.


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