DIY Sustainble interior decoration

6 DIY Ideas for Sustainable Interior Decor

From recycled paper to dry plants

DIY Sustainble interior decoration

Among the countless lessons I’ve learned in 2020: interior design really matters. With all the time spent locked indoors, it quickly became clear—your environment can truly shape your mental health. 

Surrounded by synthetic materials and cluttered stuff that I don’t use anymore, I had to find a way to reconnect with nature again—without, well, going outside. Between debates about full renovations and minimal interior decorations, one question kept popping in my mind: why not use whatever natural materials I already had lying around instead of wasting time and money on new things? 

So, I started my hunt for some cool recycling projects that are as zen and organic as they are sustainable and waste-free.

From upcycling old books to creating your own papier mâché decorations, here are some of the most original DIY ideas you should try.

Use climber plants to decorate your old furniture


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This trick will give your house a natural and soulful look.

Recycle books into wall decoration frames


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They might be tricky to hang but they surely have an original look to them.

Turn papier mâché into almost anything

Scented cards:


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You can create these dried flowers scented cards to hang around the door knobs.

Incense holder:

This original DIY incense holder can also be used as a trinket tray for your jewellery.

And this how you can make them:

Upcycle old lightbulbs into romantic decor

This is a great way to give a new life to the old lightbulbs lying in your storage cabinet.

Make a summer-inspired dried fruit hanger

Dried oranges, star anise, a thread and a branch of driftwood is all you need.

Recycle old materials into a beautiful wall appliqué

Get creative with a bit of crafting using anything you can find around the house. Dry plants, old paper or dried flowers, don’t limit yourself.

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