Do We Really Want To Listen to Andrew Tate Speak in Dubai?

Not too sure about this one guys

If you have any sort of access to the Internet or social media platforms, the name Andrew Tate must ring a bell — and it’s probably not for the right reason at all.

Often referred to as the ultimate “King of Toxic Masculinity,” the 35-year-old kickboxer-turned-misogynistic-Internet-celebrity has a string of controversies and scandals associated with his name, especially online, where he proves to be keen on showing that he’s got about 99 problems but being problematic clearly isn’t one whenever he steps up to voice any of his problematic opinions.

With sky-scrapping numbers mirrored across most of his social media platforms, before being barred for hate speech and spread of dangerous content on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, the American-English opinion leader, still has an army of loyal fans, most of which have pledged allegiance to his now-closed Hustler University– a self-founded Internet platform that supposedly provides subscribers with tips, advice, and consultancy on everything web3, crypto, and trading.

Mimicking his vernacular and narrative on a daily basis to then eventually share it themselves through their own personal accounts, Tate aficionados, who have since hailed the polarizing persona as a censored guru, a martyred hero even, unfortunately find great support from the region’s Internet users, who make up a great deal of the infamous influencer’s fanbase. And given his recent announcement, that fire won’t be dying out anytime soon from this side of the planet.

Unable to speak for himself anymore online due to his forced removal from Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok, Tate revealed making his way to Dubai, this next Oct. 15, to host, what might soon be dubbed as a controversial, talk event. Titled “41 Tenets of Tate” and described as an “evening of meaningful discussion, in which he will be speaking about the principles that he believes should be followed in order to live a life of purpose and discipline,” the news received harsh reactions and responses although the comment sections of posts advertising the event were quickly flooded with “Top G” –  a term often used used by Tate and his fans to point at individuals they consider as role model worthy. 

Retailing at 300 AED  at a venue that has yet to be confirmed, one thing is for sure, the gathering is about to generate a lot of noise.

It’s undeniable, free speech, as a principle and human right, should always be promoted, encouraged, and upheld within our societies. But there’s a very fine line between incitement of hatred, and when someone manages to build a shameful reputation, starts being labeled as a misogynist, and a sexual harassment apologist, is it really right for us to provide a platform for these people to share their two cents? 

Adamantly dangerous and potentially even fatal for women, who definitely will be affected, by proxy at least, by Tate’s nonsense, hosting him represents a threat we’ll only be able to measure or quantify the moment it’s probably too late. Whether they are written or outspoken, each word carries its own weight, and Tates’ are clearly as heavy as they can be, therefore, it’s only fair for us to seriously question his welcoming to the UAE.

Update: Since the publication of the article, Andrew Tate’s controversial meeting has been cancelled, with no exact information provided as to why this decision was made.

In the meantime, here are some of our favourite reactions so far seen on the world wide web. Clearly, give the number of tweets sent since his deprogramming, it’s safe to say we weren’t the only ones to not be overly enthusiastic towards the platform he’s was expected to be granted with:

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