These Intimate Photos Document Oman’s Hidden Fishing Community

“A myriad of groups, all religiously and beautifully fishing together”.

“Through photography, I always try to shine light on things that are unseen; to introduce a new world that people might not even know existed”, says 24-year-old Eritrean-Yemeni photographer Sabry Adams.


Based in the UK, Adams has long-been driven by a strong desire to document the undocumented, so the young photographer decided to capture Oman’s practically unheard of fishing scene, while he was travelling around the idyllic country last April.




Despite having lived in Saudi Arabia when he was a child and being familiar with the region, Adams was nonetheless captivated and amazed by Oman’s often surprising and visually mind-blowing landscapes. Because of its geographic position, with every region being surrounded by the sea, Oman is the perfect spot for offshore fishing.


I witnessed how much people love fishing and how much it is essential to them, as they literally sustain themselves through it. It was evident that it was much more than a just a hobby but less than a job; it is part of who they are as Omanis. It really was fascinating to see how the fathers and kids would all be involved in accomplishing that one vital task of the day”, he explains. 



Over a few days, Adams woke up at six in the morning and headed to the beach to capture this little-documented routine. “I couldn’t even ask them questions, they were all so deep in concentration and every second mattered”, he says before adding, “It wasn’t at all like what I was used to seeing on beaches. There was no one tanning or swimming, but instead a myriad of groups, all religiously and beautifully fishing together”.



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