Tunisian Producer Dora Bouchoucha Joins Venice Film Festival Jury

Another win for Arab representation


The representation of Arabs at major film institutions has long-been a subject of debate. In an exciting move for Arab women in film, Tunisian producer Dora Bouchoucha has been announced as part of the jury at this year’s Venice Film Festival – which is still due to have a physical presence in September. 

As a well-known presence on the international film circuit, it comes as no surprise that Bouchoucha would be selected to be a part of the legendary jury, which includes actress Cate Blanchett, directors Veronika Franz, Joanna Hogg and many others. 

Invited to be a part of the official Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scientists back in June, Bouchoucha has also served as a member of the Berlinale and is a permanent member of the CineMart committee (which is behind the Rotterdam International Film Festival).

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