Bella Hadid Dora Teymur heels

Dora Teymur is the Designer Behind Bella Hadid’s Badass Heels

Amp up your fall wardrobe with these stilettos

Bella Hadid Dora Teymur heels

Ever tried to find a pair of shoes that add a dash of sex appeal to literally any outfit? Look no further. This Fall, ditch your sneakers for some feline heels signed by Bella Hadid-approved Turkish designer Dora Teymur.  

What I have learned and observed so far is that fashion has always been about the communication between yesterday, today and tomorrow”, says the 29-year-old designer, who has been working in London for more than 10 years now.

From flashy kitten heels, leopard-print pumps, ruby-red chunky heels and lace-up knee-highs, there’s a Dora Teymur design for pretty much every mood. But the real skill lies in Teymur’s ability to flutter effortlessly between classicism and modernism. Put simply: he has a way of making old designs feel refreshingly new. 

As the go-to footwear designer for our favourite arbiters of style like Solange and Rita Ora, his inspiration decidedly associates retro and almost lady-like references with bad-girl notes. 

Dora Teymur Dora Teymur red pumpsIt all starts with examining the women around you first”, he says before adding, “but everyone who shops my designs is directly the woman I design for”. 

Teymur admits he doesn’t like the idea of a muse, which he finds too archaic and restrictive. His philosophy is inclusive of every woman, and one thing is for sure, whoever you are, pulling-off one of his designs will always give you an air of brazen self-confidence.

And that’s because wearing Teymur literally means you can change your mind on whether to go chic minimal or full badass in no time at all. And isn’t switching gears from nice to naughty ultimately what we all want?

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