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We Discuss Happiness with Dorra Zarrouk

And her new Chopard campaign

In an age where feelings of happiness are often put on the back-burner, Chopard is bringing la joie de vivre back on the forefront.

Earlier this year, the house revealed their ‘Happy Diamonds’ campaign starring Julia Roberts.   The campaign was released in celebration of the Happy Sport watch, which was created in 1993– ultimately becoming a signifier of the joy, movement and life embodied by the Maison’s ‘Happy Diamonds’.

This summer, the brand is carrying on its ‘happy’ tradition, revealing their latest campaign celebrating seven happily successful women. And through it one thing becomes clear:  joy is contagious. Directed by Vivienne Balla and Tamas Sabo, the campaign features Dorra Zarrouk, alongside six other actresses from all over the world, namely Deepika Padukone, Aja Naomi King, and Anne Nakamura to name a few.


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Une publication partagée par DORRA درة. (@dorra_zarrouk)

Zarrouk, who is this year’s brand ambassador in the Middle East, is seen performing her signature ‘happy’ dance move and sharing what brings a smile to her face and what fills her heart with joy.

When asked what the dancing diamonds evoke for her, Zarrouk says: “they inspire freedom, first because the diamonds are free inside the watch, which is different from the immobile diamonds we usually see. In this instance they dance, so they also inspire lightness and happiness, which I feel is very pleasant and joyful.”


Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par DORRA درة. (@dorra_zarrouk)

In a recent uplifting ‘Happy Talk’ with Chopard, the actress discusses the Happy Sport and the importance of responsibility in fashion but most importantly gives us a peek into what matters to her, relating to all things simple and joyful.

What are your tips for happiness?
Firstly, try to let go of the past, let go of the fact that we cannot forget everything that has happened to us, and try to move on and forgive. Forgiveness is unquestionably a very important principle which both brings us peace personally as well as to others. 

What makes you happy instantly?
Love… love is always something that makes me happy. Being with people I love and care about, always brings me joy and happiness. Meditation, good food, being in my favourite restaurant, eating my favourite dish, listening to music or watching a movie that I love. Other than that, maybe when someone expresses their appreciation to me or says kind words. Receiving a kind word when I have worked hard makes me feel like it was not all for nothing and when someone compliments my work I always go “Like – really? For real?” I even say it in Tunisian! Obviously, it depends on the situation but it always makes me smile! 

I may sometimes go to sleep feeling really annoyed with something or even cry myself to sleep but the next morning when I wake up my only thought is about getting a cup of coffee and starting a new day… I try to leave it all behind me and appreciate the light, the sun, and the beginning of a new day – a fresh start filled with happiness and the hope that today will be better than yesterday.

Dorra Zarrouk for Chopard
Pictures by VIVIENNE & TAMAS

What is so special about Chopard?
Chopard is a very sophisticated Maison, with everlasting style. When someone is wearing a Chopard piece, one feels particularly chic. What I like the most about it is that while this watch is very elegant and luxurious, it is not only suited to big events, but I can also pair it with my daily outfits. It goes perfectly with jeans. Most of all, it is timeless: I feel like a mother could pass on her Chopard watch to her daughter or her granddaughter and it will never date.

How important is responsible luxury for you?
Firstly, I am very honoured to represent a Maison which is respectful of the environment, nature and people. I love fashion, luxury and everything beautiful but it is very important that the people working behind the scenes are respected and their rights preserved. At the same time, nature and the environment have to be taken into consideration so that we don’t ruin the world we live in. This is crucial, and I am very proud of Chopard for its efforts in this regard.

Pictures by VIVIENNE & TAMAS

How would you style your Happy Sport watch?
The Happy Sport watch goes with virtually everything. You can style it with jeans, with a bracelet or you can just wear it on its own, maybe with a t-shirt. But I can also wear it for a date night, or when I am going out for dinner. It is so versatile that you almost never need to take it off your wrist. I love watching the diamonds moving and whenever I look at the watch, it brings me joy. I also love to style the diamond-set Happy Sport with a black dress for special events. Although it goes perfectly with all colours, I tend to wear it with black and with not much extra jewellery. It is highly valuable on its own and is usually the masterpiece of the whole outfit.

What is your happy resolution?
To try to find happiness within myself, in the simple things life gives me. To think of what I already have instead of what I don’t have. I don’t compare myself to anyone and I try to ensure that I am happy myself as well as the people surrounding me, because when you do this and everyone has a smile on their faces, it really brings me joy.

You can discover Dorra Zarrouk’s Happy Chopard selection here,



Pictures by VIVIENNE & TAMAS.
Stylist: Smala Paris
Hair: Neslon
Makeup: Ismael Blanco
Manicure: Philippe Ovak

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