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Dubai-Based Marcelina Releases New RnB Infused Single ‘Dunya’

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Marcelina has been turning heads with an ever-evolving sound that is proving to be more than captivating. Since the release of her last EP, the Dubai-based singer and songwriter, of Lebanese descent, is finally back with her first publishing of 2022 which hasn’t come without any surprises. Marking her return only months after her debut project entitled Infinity, garnering over 600K streams across all platforms, the artist took the time to explore new melodies and flavors to forcibly take herself out of her usual comfort zone. We’re almost six months into the new year and Marcelina has just shared  “دنیا” to the world: her first-ever bilingual track. 


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Trying to satisfy her longtime craving to expand her sonic identity further into the Arab world, this new track marks a new turn in Marcelina’s ear-catching career. Now embracing her Middle Eastern roots to the fullest, the single also harnesses a wholesome upbeat energy that channels the 21-year-old’s desire to focus on the simple blessings that surround us in our daily lives.

“While creating Dunya, I was in a very inspired headspace to try something new, as I was writing lyrics in Arabic for the first time. I wanted to write the song so that the transition between English and Arabic would be smooth. Thankfully, the process of creating this song flowed so naturally as I wrote it over two days, I knew that the lyrics felt right as they embodied the message I was trying to relay to my audience” Marcelina told Mille. 

To celebrate this release, the new single comes with its own supporting visuals that were shot and creatively directed in Dubai by Sophia Khalifeh and Zainab Hasoon. The two distinguished brains behind the video clip, recognised for their previous work with Dior, Louis Vuitton and lifestyle label Shabab, put the upcoming singer at the stage’s center in a gritty decor and a retro Y2K ambiance, perfectly matching her deep poetic lyrics.

Taking a deep dive into Marcelina’s explorative nature, her latest musical statement is to take in as a taste of what is yet to come. Promising and exciting the young artist’s next steps are something to keep a close eye on,  and ear out for, as we hope to see what this bilingual track could unlock more from her in the future.

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