Dubai’s Leading Art Collectives Come Together this Summer

A look inside Alserkal Avenue’s summer programme

Most people try to escape Dubai’s heat during the summer, but heading to Alserkal Avenue—the region’s foremost art hub—is enough reason to stay put.


On July 15, Dubai’s best-known art centre will be launching the third edition of their summer programme, this year aptly titled Sensing Memory, the programme aims to explore the connection between the senses and our personal and collective memories.


The event will gather the city’s leading art collectives (who have settled in Alserkal Avenue) and showcase a series of events including: Cinema Akil, the independent arthouse cinema will exhibit FIERCE!, a showcase spotlighting American Films that celebrate bold, courageous and fearless women. Then Gulf Photo Plus, famed for nurturing the local photography community, will host top-tier workshops. Dubai’s theatre The Junction will also present a diverse range of performances, from goofy comedies to magic shows.


The event will also host a series of free events curated for all; whether you’re into Tai Chi or Marcel Proust, you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Sensing Memory, July 15 – September 15, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

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