4 Rappers Shaping Egypt’s Emerging Rap Scene

From Alexandria to Cairo, these are the artists to know

From Morocco’s trap stars NAAR, to Dubai’s rising artists Santi, Izzy and Gaby, the region’s hip-hop scene has seen unprecedented growth over recent years. And thanks to a new wave of talent erupting in Egypt – it seems that the days of North African music being best-known for it’s classical roots are over.

A new generation of rappers have taken over and hip-hop (just like the rest of the world) has now become one of the country’s most streamed genres, with a slew of artists emerging on the scene every year

As an introduction to the scene, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite emerging artists from Egypt.


Currently Egypt’s most prominent rapper, Abyusif is one to watch. The socially-conscious rapper has made a name for himself not long after coming onto the rap scene a few years ago. Since, Youssef Altay, better known as Abyusif, has been dedicated to the genre, with his lyrics focusing primarily on daily Egyptian life leading to hits like Thanos, Ana Msh H2dr 7ad, and Azrael.

Marwan Moussa

Both a rapper and producer, Marwan Moussa is a force to be reckoned with. After just two years in the industry, the Cairo-raised, Los Angeles-based rapper quickly created a fanbase in his native country thanks to his witty, and often comical lyrics.


Raptor is a new face on the Egyptian rap scene, but not unlike Abyusif, the young rapper has quickly risen up the ranks and is already showing a promising future. The Alexandria native got his start after working with established producer Marwan Moussa.


With a distinctly melancholic sound, Lege-cy stands out amongst his peers in the Egyptian rap scene. Like Marwan Moussa, the young artist also produces his own music. As for his lyrics, the rapper isn’t shy when it comes to expressing his emotions.

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