10 Egyptian Brands That Are Shaking the Industry

From Cairo all the way up to your wardrobe

If the land of the pharaohs once heavily influenced cinema and music in the past decades, it’s well on its way to making an impact on the region’s fashion scene too. 

Egypt’s influence can unmistakably be felt from Morocco all the way up to the peninsula – and that’s no overstatement. Since the late 19th century, the republic has often carved most definitions of what it meant to be cool. While that slowed down over the years, it seems that there’s a new generation of creatives that wants to bring that energy back, this time through fashion. 

We rounded up ten brands doing just that. 



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Topping this list is the sister-led label, Okhtein. Coming from the Arabic word for “sisters”, the brand was born out of the streets of Cairo as both Aya and Mounaz Abdel Raouf’s passion for fashion met around this project, which they founded seven years ago in 2014. Designing some of the country’s most refined handbags and leather products, the duo slowly but surely made a name for themselves in the luxury space, as people have recognised their abundance of talent as well as their close attention to detail through their wide range of products and accessories.




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Created in 2019 by Yasmine Tawfik, the minimalistic brand brings a laid-back sense to fashion and style while opening the way for women to remain above trends while feeling comfortable. Shy and never too “out there”, the label’s pastel colours bring a tranquil aura even out of the most tense of us.

Mia Clothing


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Now this is what a stylish brand should look like. From Egypt to the world, MIA clothing makes patterns, shapes, colours and texture meet through edge-cutting and premium garments that will know how to spice your summer fits up. Elegant and undeniably cool, the brand is one that is set to reach new heights by means of its incredible sense of fashion and taste. 




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Heavily inspired by street culture, the Egyptian brand distinguishes itself through its Avant Garde use of cotton and denim. Through modern and innovative designs and silhouettes, the alternative cuts and undeniably cool photoshoots single their fits out quite like no other in the region. Remember the name and make sure to put your bets on them, they’re coming and they’re coming in strong. 



Mamzi is the brainchild of emerging designer Mariam Abdelghany, the ready-to-wear brand boasts authentically imagined and crafted designs that scream of simplicity in complexion. With intricate tailoring and bold designs, the label will sure be making moves in the local fashion scene and beyond. 




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Is there any better way of celebrating femininity than naming your brand after the Greek mythological goddess Athena? Very Mediterranean to its core, the footwear brand knows how to speak to its audience as their sober sandals can be worn anywhere from a casual outing to any night out by the beach.

Alia Abaza


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Meticulously crafted by the eponymous founder Alia Abaza, the pharaoh-chic brand provides high-end detailed pieces for you to enjoy wearing and looking at. Challenging most trending fashion cannons in the region, modernity, class and unusual shapes are at the forefront of the brand’s ethos.




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Last but not least, hailing from Alexandria Ohanna seeks to celebrate uniqueness, diversity and beauty through detail and versatile modern designs. With a wide collection ranging from track-pants, jumpsuits to even fleeces for the upcoming winter season, the label designs clothes for modern working women with the belief that femininity is both strong and soft by making clothes that are also both comfortable and glamorous. 


Sabry Maarouf


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Sabry Maarouf definitely knows how to stun. Inspired from the brand’s own native Egypt, the signature shapes, designs and materials used to ethically craft their products are ones that you won’t see in any average shop.  Taking cues from the Amarna period’s unique style, the sets of purses, pouches and handbags will keep your belongings safe and sound in style at all times. 


Amr Saad


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Egypt is mainly known for two things: the pyramids and its scorching heat. Want to pay the pharaoh’s home a visit with no troubled vision? Worry less, Amr Saad has got you covered. The label’s high quality and avant garde collection of eyewear products will keep your eyesight protected with some unique life-warranty frames that would even make Ray-ban blush. 


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