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Egyptian-Directed ‘Moon Knight’ Receives 8 Nominations at the 74th Emmy Awards

*starts clapping*

Considering the seismic waves Moon Knight sent upon the launch of its first season on Disney+, it only makes sense that the first-ever Egyptian-directed Marvel series picked up a slew of nominations at the very prestigious Primetime Emmy Awards. 

The six-episode show, which hit screens last March, generated a lot of noise as a result of its unique plot, its regional focus, Arab representation, and extremely catchy mahraganat and chaabicentered soundtrack, which could be heard during the end credits of the show. Marking a first of its kind for the renowned Marvel Studios, Mohammed Diab’s latest creation was already met with praise from viewers worldwide and now it’s getting recognized by one of the industry’s most esteemed ceremonies of visual entertainment. 

Set to air live on NBC on Monday, September 12, the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards have nominated Moon Knight in eight different categories. They are best sound editing for a limited or anthology series, movie or special; best music composition for a limited or anthology series, movie or special; best fantasy/sci-fi costumes; best character voice-over performance to best sound editing for a limited or anthology series, movie or special; best sound mixing for a limited or anthology series or movie; best stunt coordination for a drama series, limited or anthology series or movie, and best stunt performance.

Following the exciting news, the director immediately took to Twitter to express his satisfaction and gratitude. In a short message, Diab shared that he was “Proud that Moon Knight has been nominated for eight Emmy Awards for acting, photography, action, clothing, sound, and soundtrack for the talented Hesham Nazih.”

He added: “Two years of my life as a lead director and executive producer have been crowned with success! Thank God.”

Moon Knight scored the most nods of any Marvel series in 2022. Loki starring Tom Hiddleston received six Emmy nominations while Hawkeye received two. 

Although a second season is yet to be confirmed, one can hope that the recent nominations will encourage both producers and cast to renew the show. 

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