Egyptian Man Burns Fiancée’s School Down After She Failed Her Exams

Me and who?

If you’ve ever wondered how far one could go for the sake of love, this Egyptian man has just raised the bar, setting the standard as high as you can probably think of. Last week, 21-year-old Mohammed Daoud was taken into custody by local authorities after having instigated a fire at Kafr Salem Al-Nahhal Commercial School in Egypt’s Menoufia Governorate. The reason behind the arson? The young man was reportedly afraid of postponing his wedding with one of the establishment’s students after she failed her exams. 

Throughout the academic year, the two lovebirds had promised each other to make their relationship official but things obviously did not go as planned after the bride-to-be struggled to pass her end-of-term assessments and was expected to repeat the year. As a result of the unfortunate outcome, Daoud decided to take revenge by setting the school on fire, and now instead of walking down the aisle to tie the knot, he will be walking down the court’s aisle for the verdict of his upcoming trial. 

Witnesses were quick to identify the young man, tipping authorities off with his location on top of physical descriptions of his appearance. In a statement, it has been claimed that the accused will remain in custody until a hearing takes place for him to justify his actions as they were, as you can imagine, loaded in consequences. 

The arson resulted in the almost complete destruction of student files, the damage of classrooms, as well as the furniture, before the flames were eventually put out by firemen. Luckily enough, reports did not mention any casualties or injuries related to the incident. 

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