5 Charities to Give to This Eid Al-Adha

Where to donate your Qurbani and make a real difference


In between Eid selfies and memes, the most exciting holiday of the year is also more importantly a time to reflect. 

After months of Covid-19 lockdowns and intermittent quarantines, with many people having lost family members, or having slipped further into poverty due to charitable donations being put on pause, donating your Qurbani to the right organisations has never been more important. 

Also known as the “festival of the sacrifice”, Eid al-Adha is sometimes known as Eid el Kabir. It’s the second Eid of the year and is considered to be the holier of the two as it falls straight after the completion of Hajj.

During Eid, an act of Qurbani must be done (which usually involves slaughtering an animal as a sacrifice in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifice to Allah). In lieu of slaughtering an animal (whether that be due to dietary requirements or simply out of choice), the best option is to donate Qurbani instead, to those who need it. These are the best charities to donate to this Eid:

Muslim Global Relief
With a three-tier donation guide, you can give Qurbani at three different price points that cover poverty-stricken communities from Rwanda to Palestine. 


Hajjah Nazi Charity
With Lebanon in a state of crisis, Hajjah Nazi gives the option to donate Qurbani directly to refugees in Lebanon. 


With the aim to help 8,000 families in Palestine this Eid, Interpal provides those in need with meat, food items, clothing and toys.


Emirates Red Crescent
This Dubai-based charity provides Qurbani for orphans and those in need, both in the UAE as well as abroad.


SKT Welfare
With 100 per cent of donations received going to families directly in Syria, SKT Welfare aims to provide one sheep for every family in need. 


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