10 Ways Eid Will Be Affected By Coronavirus

Prepare for some major changes this holiday season

One of the biggest holidays on the Islamic calendar is just days away now. With coronavirus still not showing any signs of slowing down, this year’s celebration is going to be one for the books—and sadly, not in the best way. 

Saudi Arabia, which now has one of the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the region, recently announced that the nation will now be placed under a total 24-hour lockdown during Eid. Much of the GCC is expected to take similar precautions in a bid to slow down the virus’s spread. 

And although a few Eid traditions will remain, there will still be a lot of adapting for us to do this year. Worried about what the holiday will look like? Here’s what you can expect. 

Family celebrations will be limited to immediate family. 

You won’t be attending Eid prayer at the mosque.

Rather than hopping from one relative’s house to the next, you’ll be jumping on FaceTime calls. 

Eid shopping will be mostly done online.

No post-lunch hangouts with your cousins and friends.

Baking pastries with your mom will take on a new meaning. 

You’ll probably get less Eid money and gifts, but that’s ok.

Zakat al-Fitr will go out to help families who are extra vulnerable due to COVID-19. 

Eid fireworks will have to be observed from your home, if they happen at all.

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