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The Art of Giving: A Eid Al-Adha Gift Guide

A gift for everyone

Eid Al-Adha is just a few days away. When we were around five to 14 years of age, Eid was probably the most anticipated time of the year because that meant we were about to receive gifts in all shapes and sizes from various family members, whether it was a $10 bill or the newest tamagotchi— the excitement was unmatched. 

But as you get older, I think you start to appreciate the little things about the holiday, beyond receiving all the gifts, and the 3edeya’s (a tradition that dictates that the older members of the family give a sum of money of their choosing to the younger members). You start to appreciate waking up early in the morning for the Eid prayer with your family, bumping into almost everyone in your neighborhood on your way to the mosque, the traditional Eid tunes ringing throughout the street, and the constant kol sana wenta/wenti tayeb/tayeba as you pass by anyone. As you grow older, you start to understand that Eid isn’t just about receiving gifts, it is also about the beautiful sentiment of giving– from the simplest to the grandest of presents. 

Behold a gift guide, for anyone thinking of gifting a sibling, a parent, a friend, or a significant other. Master the art of giving this Eid Al-Adha with an abundance of options satisfying both your hypebeast teenage brother, and your older sister that enjoys her sleep a little too much. 

Industrious Gift Set, Aesop 

We’re going to start off this gift guide with none other than an Aesop product. The holy grail of soap goodness, who wouldn’t want this delicious set as a gift? — one for the bathroom, and one to keep with you on the go, oh and a hydrating hand balm, thank us later. 


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XT-4-OG, Salomon 

Fashions latest obsession. Hiking shoes are the new dad sneakers (a personal favorite).


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Spike Balenciaga Sunglasses

Honestly, they’re just cool. 


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Discovery Set, Le labo

When it comes to purchasing a Le Labo scent it is really hard just picking one out of the many fragrant options. So, instead of having to pick one, give your scent-obsessed sister, mother, brother, or father a Le Labo discovery set to expand their horizons, and have plenty of options to choose from. 


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Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask 

I mean, who wouldn’t want one?


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Willen Speaker, Marshall 

This ones for anyone who appreciates a good quality speaker, and Marshall truly never disappoints.


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Lucious Pea, Loewe Candle

Elevate that one corner or coffee table in your living room with a candle that looks good, and smells good. 


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Ice Cold: A Hip Hop Jewelry Story

A drip guide. 


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Aigner Lorena Bag

Maybe one for you, and one for your mother?

AED 3,155

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Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device 


A skincare essential. 


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