Eid is About to Sound a Little Different This Year

Don’t worry about this year's Eid tunes, we got you covered.

Eid is just round the corner, always the perfect opportunity to gather with family and close relatives to celebrate this special moment together. However, my eid classics are getting quite repetitive as singers like Abdel Halim Hafez, Um Kulthum or Fairuz have been serenading most of my family gatherings since my youngest of age. But this year, I promised myself that things would be different. With such a bubbling underground music scene, it was impossible for us to not curate the perfect blend between timeless classics and soon to become anthems and anchors of the Arab world.

So don’t worry about this years Eid tunes, we got you covered. As a constantly evolving craft, music is probably the best and most effective way of weaving both old and younger generations into dialogue and mutual understanding of each others respective cultures. We’ve dropped the traditional wooden instruments and swapped them for synthetic pads and slick auto-tuned vocals to finally prove our peers that even if the region’s golden age might be over, the best is really yet to come (and even if they’re fast asleep by the time anyone catches the aux cord).

To discover our Post Eid Late Night Cousin Convo playlist:


Image: Bu Kolthoum

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