How Elissa and Haifa Wehbe are Tackling Coronavirus

The pop stars team up


Few artists have maintained solid standing in the region like Elissa and Haifa Wehbe. The two pop stars are now taking things to the next level by teaming up for a new music video. Not only that but the duo is doing it in a plea to practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Elissa dropped her latest single, Hanghani Kaman Wa Kaman (‘We Will Sing Again and Again’, in English) last week. This single was followed by a music video release this weekend, and Lebanese singer decidedly featured none other than Haifa Wehbe.

The best part? The Lebanese duo opted to film the video from the comfort of their own homes, donating all allocated budget for the video to charities battling the pandemic. 

Just released my music video featuring @HaifaWehbe,” the singer said on Instagram. “We hope it will put a smile on your faces during these times as we get through it together.”

The video, directed by filmmaker and visual artist Eli Rezkallah sees the superstars singing on a video-chat, with some of their family members and fans joining in—each from their respective homes. 

With the region (and the world) in lockdown for weeks and with self-isolation measures expected to continue for some time, the video effectively makes a plea to encourage people to practice social distancing. 

“All the allocated budget for this project was donated to charity. Stay home and stay safe,” Elissa continued on her Instagram post. 

The move comes just one year after Elissa shocked her fans all across the globe by announcing that this project would be her last, citing the region’s music industry as a problem; an industry she described as a “mafia”.

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