4 Emerging Arab Techno DJs to Put on Your Radar

It doesn’t get grittier than this

Nothing about techno is beautiful in the conventional sense. It’s unpolished, hard and gritty. But that doesn’t make it any less striking of a genre. 

In recent years, a number of Arab DJs have been producing some of the most experimental sounds in the scene, proving themselves and gaining a loyal following around the world. 

We rounded up a list of four DJs from the region that you should keep an eye on.

Cera Khin


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Cera Khin is a Tunisian DJ based in Berlin who has gone on to establish her own label, The Lazy Tapes. She is also a mental health activist who started the initiative Techno Mental Health after recognizing the need for a conversation on mental health issues in the scene. With Cera, techno is cool, but dispelling the stigma surrounding mental health is cooler.

You can listen to Cera Khin here

Marwa BelHaj Youssef


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Marwa is a resident in Ma3azef radio and Movement Athens whose recent work for Boiler Room has been making waves on social media. The young DJ’s oeuvre is a fusion of the  electronic and the traditional, resulting in a refreshing and completely unique sound.

She said about her newest podcast for Boiler Room : I’m always trying to express myself via my bipolar mixes to strike a balance between the beauty and the violence of sounds. In this mix, identity was my approach when using hypnotizing Arabic vocals.I have a healthy addiction and obsession with the savage energy and intensity of noisy experimental sounds blended with contemporary music. This mix has been made with love to support many Arab Labels & Artists of whom I’m really proud.“

You can listen to Marwa here

Al Gharib


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This is a DJ collective based in Beirut and Melbourne creating some hardcore music paired with thought-provoking visuals and incredible merch. Al Gharib have used their platform to support the Lebanese and Palestinian cause alike.


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You can listen to Al Gharib here.

Nur Jaber


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Perhaps the most known on the list is Nur Jaber who is a much-loved Lebanese DJ based in Berlin, she produces some of the most hardcore sounds in the world today. Like Cera, she solidified her status as a techno super woman by playing in arguably the most notorious techno club in the world: Berghain, on numerous occasions. During the Lebanese crisis, Nur stressed the importance of giving back to Beirut: “As a DJ from Beirut, I want to help out, as my music has originated from what I have been through in Lebanon. The emotions I put into my DJ sets and into my productions, like A State of PeaceorA World Where Nothing Else Matters’ and Planet Freedom’, really come from a place of hope and a search for something better for Lebanon. I am starting to believe that my purpose, to make music, is even greater than before; I must do this to bring hope to my people. We are hardcore warriors, rising back up tall and strong after every fall.”

You can listen to Nur Jaber here.

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