Estee Laundry is the Vigilante IG Calling Out Beauty Brands

Meet Diet Prada’s scandalous sister

When it comes to internet, the phrase double-edged sword couldn’t be more apt. From online shopping to Netflix binges, there’s a lot for us to thank the digital age for. But with cancel culture at the other, sharper end of the blad – no-one is safe.


Last year, DietPrada quickly rose up the Instagram ranks with a simple concept: calling out fashion brands for their bullshit. And today, the beauty industry is getting a taste of its own medicine with the launch of Estee Laundry, DietPrada’s equally scandalous sister.


Following the same formula, where transparency is key, the account is on a mission to air out the beauty world’s dirty laundry and call out brands’ for stealing off of brands.


From problematic executives to off-putting campaigns, no one seems to be exempt from getting put on blast. So far, the account’s founders (who remain anonymous) pointed the finger at Stila Cosmetics’ latest campaign for feigning an attempt at diversity by photoshopping models’ skin tones rather than hiring models of colour. They’ve also closely followed the demise of Deciem CEO Brandon Truaxe, publishing some pretty shocking emails industry insiders allegedly sent through.


They’re not afraid to come after industry giants either. The account was the first to point out the similarities between Pat Mcgrath’s new lipstick packaging and vintage Salvador Dali tubes. Dior Beauty was also quickly called out for not cutting ties with Kuwaiti makeup blogger Sondos alQattan (despite being under public scrutiny earlier this year for her racist rant against Filipino migrant workers).


By the looks of it, the page shows no signs of slowing down. Since their April launch, the account has grown to an astounding 29,000 followers. And considering the growth the beauty industry continues to see, it’s pretty much a given that they won’t be short of scandalous material to pull from.

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